College Beach Volleyball Tourney
On Saturday April 12th the Eastmoreland Beach Courts will be hosting the first EVER College Beach Volleyball tourney in the Northwest. Oregon, Washington, Portland State and Boise State Univ will be playing. Play will start at 10am and finish up at 4pm. Click here for ticket info 

Mens & Womens VBall Tourney
This Saturday (April 5th) at the Courts in Beaverton there is an adult (Mens and Womens) Vball tourney that starts at 9am. Many of the OJVA coaches will be playing so come and enjoy the great Vball. This is FREE

Congrats to the OJVA 14's Teams
In Sunday's power league tournaments 4 of our 7 teams, were playing in the championship matches (14-2 Blue, 14-4 Red, 14-6 Yellow and 14-7 Purple). Two teams won their divisions: 14 Yellow and 14 Red.  
14-1 gold and 14-3 White held their seed in their division for the third Power League in a row.  14-5 Black had a tough day, after having moved up last tournament.

We are so proud of the growth of each of our teams at this age level.  We are looking for more great adventures as we move toward Regionals in 2 weeks, where we can ALL support each other!!  Great job to all of the girls and coaches!!

Good luck to our 16's, 12's and 18's who will be playing this coming weekend.  

Team Pictures
We are still looking for team pictures to add to each team page.  After your next tournament, have girls pose for a team photo.  Also, send any team photos you have so I can post them to the blog page for everyone to see.  Send pictures to 

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12 Gold: #3 
12 Blue: #37
12 White: #54
12 Black: #53 
12 Red: #21
14 Gold: #5
14 Blue: #18
14 White: #20
14 Black: #63
14 Red: #43
14 Yellow: #107
14 Purple: #118
16 Gold: #3
16 Blue: #19
16 White: #29
16 Red: #58
18 Gold: #3

-  College Beach Volleyball Tourney      at Eastomreland Courts  HERE


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