Oregon Juniors Volleyball Academy (OJVA) is a 501(c)3 whose mission is to help Junior volleyball athletes, develop strong fundamental skills, build character in a safe, educational environment and to help them realize their potential as responsible friends, teammates and leaders in our community.

2018/19 Power League Finish- 
Almost all teams finished in the top 1/2 of the CEVA Power Leagues.  
        *    12u      47 Teams      National team finished 2nd, Regional Team finished 7th, Local team finished #42 and #47
        *    14u      139 Teams    National team finished 1st, Regional teams finished #13,18,30.....Local team finished 71st
        *    16u      120 Teams    National team finished 1st and 3rd, Regional teams finished #13 and #35, Local team                                                finished 47th
        *    18u       64 teams     18 National finished 3rd and 17-1 National finished in #13, in 18's

We believe teaching takes place 365 days a year with the objective to develop the person and the player in each of our athletes. To this end, OJVA has on-going classes and learning opportunities available beyond the club season during the summer and fall.

The Academy designates Master Coaches for each age group who oversee the development of each player in that age group. Our Master Coaches have 7 National Championships as either players or coaches and close to 100 years of combine coaching experience.

The Academy also has 11 coaches who are current and former Head or Asst. College Coaches. Our coaches have another 4 National championships, numerous All-Americans, experience at over 30 USAV Junior National tournaments and JO qualifiers and more than 150 years of coaching experience.

The Academy has programs and works with all age groups from 8 years old to college players. 

All Academy players receive the same intensive training throughout their season, however to All Academy players receive the same intensive training throughout their season, however to accommodate a broad range of players, the Academy offers three different levels of participation:  a broad range of players, the Academy offers three different levels of participation:  a broad range of players, the Academy offers three different levels of participation: Local, Regional, and National. The teams play in about the same number of tournaments. The difference between levels is in travel and overall season length. See the Players Program Guides for specifics on the 12's, 14's, 16's and 18's teams at each level.

OJVA Practice Facilities. 
The Courts in Beaverton is the home of OJVA and provides the Academy with team and individual practice times. Practices for 12's through 18's are held during the same time so that players can be coached by position, age, and team groups. We believe the ability to train younger players with older players provides an excellent opportunity to expose young players to higher levels of play earlier in their career. The Courts also hosts camps, lessons, clinics, tournaments, and open gym times. The Courts is one of the best places for volleyball in Oregon.

The Academy has invested in volleyball training equipment to aid in training. We have:
  • 2 Collegiate level ball machine that serves, spikes and sets
  • 3 College Level Block-its
  • 3 Passing Targets
  • 3 Setters-Eye Target
  • 3 Spike-its
  • 8 Blocking Boxes
  • Jump Training Aids
  • Collegiate Net Systems
  • 200+ balls and 2 ball carts per court.

We also have on court video equipment we use for filming drills and big screen televisions to review filmed skill execution.

All of our former players in the past five years have gone on to successful college volleyball careers, in part from the training they received at OJVA and the assistance OJVA provided in guiding them through the college recruiting process. We are fortunate to have a College Recruiting Seminar. The seminar brings many years of college recruiting experience and interacting with college coaches regarding OJVA players. During all club coaching career OJVA has had most players go on to play in college, many for Div 1 schools. OJVA will work with Steve Suttich, Kalani Efstathiou and Mike King to help any player interested in playing in college.

The Academy is not just for current OJVA players. Each summer new, returning, and former college players staying in the Portland area can attend camps, clinics, and open gyms hosted at The Courts. These are great opportunities for current OJVA Juniors and Seniors to work-out and play with college players.

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