Welcome to the 2019-2020 tryout information page. Last year we had an incredible tryout turnout that resulted in a record number of teams. We had four 12U teams, five 14U teams, five 16U teams, and two 18U team at the Courts in Beaverton. 

The availability of practice courts at our home facilities of The Courts in Beaverton allows most of our teams to practice at the same time and place, creating even more of an "Academy" style practice environment. Cooperative coaching, specific position sessions and inter-age groupings all go together to create more intense practices with higher expectations. 

OJVA has established ourselves as one of the most prominent programs in the northwest, with Regional Championships in both the 14U and 16U division. We have sent teams to USAV and AAU Nationals for the last 8 years, in 14U, (6 out of last 8 years), 16U and 18u (last 8 years in a row). Our 16U and 18u teams have been in the highly competitive Platinum Division (top 4 teams from CEVA and Puget Sound Regions) for 5 of the last 6 years, and our 18U team has been in it for the last 6 years. OJVA has been the dominant CEVA club at that level, playing in all but two Platinum League tournaments in the last 7 years at both age groups. 

OJVA has incredible depth in coaching from our National teams through our Local teams. We have assembled a staff that has achieved impressive success as coaches and players throughout their careers. OJVA has:

  • 11 former collegiate head or assistant coaches. 42 Years of D1 Head or asst Coaching
  • 17 time National Champions (players and coaches)
  • Over 145 years combined coaching experience

We strive to provide Oregon's volleyball players with the best coaching in the Region to help develop volleyball skills, competitive drive, and teamwork.

General Club Volleyball Questions

USA Volleyball (USAV) is the national governing body for volleyball and is responsible for local, regional, national and international rules and competition. USAV is divided into 40 regions. Each year, players and teams must become members of USA Volleyball in order to participate in practice and tournament play. The greater Portland area is included in the Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (CEVA) which includes Oregon and SW Washington. Players in each club compete against other programs in the region on a regular basis. Club volleyball also works to promote the sport of volleyball and to teach the skills needed for a lifetime of play.

It is never too early to start playing volleyball! We have had players as young as nine years old playing on our U12 teams in past years. The earlier athletes are introduced to the sport of volleyball the more likely they are to develop the correct techniques as they grow. OJVA focuses on player's ages 8 to 18. We hope to have a minimum of 18 teams - 12s, 14s, 16s, 17s and 18s. The final age groups and number of teams will depend on the number of players participating in tryouts. USA Volleyball age divisions are listed below. Be sure to check the dates carefully to ensure players attend the correct tryout date. 

For USAV age group definitions for the 2019/20 season click HERE. 

Players are able to "play up" a division with prior approval from club directors. For more information about age definitions, visit the CEVA Website. 

When considering a club it is important to decide the appropriate level of play and commitment. Some clubs are geared towards local events and training players for high school volleyball. Some clubs are geared towards national events and putting players in a position to compete for college scholarship opportunities. OJVA offers the opportunity for both local events and national opportunities.

The typical season begins with try-outs in November, practices in the weeks that follow, a club meeting in early December. Tournaments for most teams begin in January. 

For Local teams the season typically concludes with a tournament in early May (CEVA Regionals). 

For Regional teams their season concludes with tournaments in late May (Emerald City Classic in Seattle). 

For Nationals teams, their season often concludes with the JO's or AAU National Event in late June. 

What is the time commitment? 
Practices are twice a week ranging from 1 ½ hours to 2 ½ hours depending on the team. Each month there are typically two tournaments. Single day tournaments last all day, usually starting at 8:00 am and sometimes ending around 6:00 pm if the team continues to win during bracket play. Multi-day tournaments are usually divided into two sessions – morning and afternoon. A three day tournament (Seattle or Spokane) may consist of morning pool play on Saturday/ Sunday and then bracket play on Monday. 

How accommodating is OJVA with multiple sports athletes? 
We do respect your High School Spring and Winter sports seasons! However, players that miss practices are also missing the opportunity to improve, and their skill levels will not improve at the same rate as those players who are at all practices. This may have an impact on your playing time. Each year we have several players who do play multiple sports. It requires good time management on the part of the athlete. However, National level athletes are expected to put volleyball as a high priority during the season.

If your child is a beginner and doesn't know if he/she wants to participate in volleyball then the ideal situation is to participate in recreational volleyball opportunities, camps, clinics, or lessons prior to trying out for a club volleyball program. Many camps and clinics are coordinated by a club which allows you and your child to "test drive" a club by learning about its atmosphere, teaching style, and coaching expertise. 

Club volleyball provides a higher level of training and competition for girls and boys interested in learning and developing volleyball skills. The club "season" lasts approximately 6 months allowing players to receive many hours of focused skills training and development. Furthermore, benefits to training extend beyond volleyball specific skills, players learn confidence, self discipline, teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship. 

The OJVA program is different from other volleyball clubs in important ways. 
The Oregon Juniors Volleyball Academy approach is founded on a commitment to develop individuals from 8 years old to college age by teaching a foundation of volleyball fundamentals. Our academy approach provides our players the opportunity to develop during the season and beyond by offering clinics and classes year-round. OJVA is committed to fostering a love of volleyball in young players as well as confidence, self discipline, teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship. The successful learning of these skills and a commitment to excellence creates a positive team environment on the court as well as success off the court. 

OJVA is based in Beaverton but our players come from throughout the greater Portland area. We do not affiliate with any particular high school program. Many of our girls enjoy the high school season because they often find themselves across the net from an OJVA teammate. 

2018-19 Club Year
23 OSAA 6A schools
2   OSAA 5A School
1   OSAA 4A Schools
3  OSAA 3A Schools
1  OSAA 2A Schools
3 WIAA Schools
47 different Middle schools
59 different Elementary schools

OJVA believes there are significant benefits of being part of a large club versus a smaller club. With OJVA, athletes have access to a wider variety of skilled coaches and are able to seek higher levels of competition. OJVA's resources allow us to have programs and processes in place to train an athlete from developmental to college level competition, which ultimately increases networking opportunities to assist athletes in achieving their goals and college endeavors. Small clubs typically have fewer resources to draw from which can limit teaching styles and are subject to schedule availability and restrictions of practice facilities.

During tryouts we consider all players regardless of skill level. We have many teams that have done very well at National and Regional events. But, OJVA also fields teams for developing players, our Local Programs. All teams are trained the same way with drills to promote the same skills for players in all age levels. Therefore, we have teams for almost every level of ability. Additionally, by cross scrimmaging within the club we find that the girls work hard and reach a higher level when faced with the challenge of competing against more skilled players. 

Tryouts are open to all players and no preference is given to returning OJVA players, therefore, taking time off or playing for another club is not a disadvantage at tryouts. We are here to train players that want to learn proper skill and game execution. 

In 2019 OJVA will not be making a boy's team. However, CEVA now also allows boys to play with girls in club competition. Please review the Junior Players Handbook under section 4.4.2 for additional information.

Prior to trying out, all players trying out must be registered with USA Volleyball. This can be done through the CEVA website. You must bring printed copies of your registration to be eligible for trying out. You will not be required to pay for registering with USA Volleyball. When you arrive at tryouts, you will fill out club specific paperwork as well. 

All athletes are required to bring the USA Volleyball registration forms. Athletes will not be permitted to tryout without the OJVA registration fee ($20) and form. Also, bring your volleyball gear (knee pads, ankle braces, athletic tape, etc), and a water bottle. Athletes that make OJVA will be asked to pay the start-up deposit.

If your daughter or son makes a team after tryouts, OJVA will award you commitment to play with OJVA for the 2019/20 season. As tryouts come to an end, each player is called over either individually or in a small group. They are then informed that they have either made the club or not. Players who do not make the club at tryouts are given a list of other clubs that are having tryouts, including tryout times and sites. If you are offered a spot with OJVA you need to make a decision at that time. 

OJVA selects players to be part of the club during the tryout process. However, players are not placed on specific teams immediately. After tryouts we begin age group practice for a few weeks before selecting the players for specific teams. Our approach allows us to consider player's overall ability, attitude, and potential before placing them on a specific team. We believe our approach helps set up players for success and builds a stronger club.

After a few weeks practicing in age groups players are assigned specific teams based on a combination of tryout results, practice performance, and team composition needs. Coaches evaluate on-court attitude, effort, ability to communicate, competitiveness, and desire. The goal is to assign players to teams where they will have the best chance of individual success and be most capable of making a significant contribution to the team's success, as well as to meet the needs of the teams to allow for the strongest possible lineup.


OJVA Local and Regional teams try to field teams with 10-11 players, rarely do we put 12 players on a team as playing time is always concern. By keeping the teams small, players and parents must understand that the team will rely on every player to be at practices and tournaments. Although practice time makes up about 75% of the court time for a player for the season, the 25% game time is often the measurement of time that is valued. We try to make sure that each player has a role on the team and that they play to that role.

Our plans for the 2019/20 season is to field three- four 12U teams at the Courts in Beaverton, four to Six 14U teams , four to six 16U teams at the Courts, one 17u and Two 18U teams at the Courts in Beaverton . The exact number of teams may vary depending on the quantity of athletes that tryout at each age level.

We have Local, Regional, and National level teams. 

  • Season runs from November through the CEVA Regional Tournament in Early May 
  • Compete in 2-3 local friendship tournaments
  • Compete in 4 CEVA Power or Area League tournaments and CEVA Regionals 
  • 2 practices/week for 2 hours each (12U will be 1 ½ hours) 

  • Season runs from November through Memorial Day
  • Compete in 3-4 local friendship tournament
  • Compete in 4 Power Leagues and CEVA Regionals
  • Compete in 2 multi-day tournaments likely in the Seattle area
  • 2 practices/week for 2 hours each (12U will be 1 ½ hours) 
  • Regional teams may travel to a June tournament if the club and team agree to travel and tournament openings exist 

  • Season run from November through late June (either USAV Nationals or AAU Nationals)
  • Compete in 4 Power Leagues and CEVA Regionals
  • Compete in 2 JO Qualifiers (Colorado and Reno) 
  • Compete in 1 multi-day high level tournament (Las Vegas)
  • Play in a National Championship Tourney (USAV or AAU)
  • There is an average of 2 – 3 practices per week for 2 – 2 ½ hours each

All practices and competitions must be attended. 

Playing time is earned in practices and games. During Power League tournaments and Major events OJVA plays to finish as high as possible. At Club/Friendship events coaches work to provide playing time to all players. There is no mandatory minimum amount of playing time however, the Local level teams try to get a fair amount of playing time for each player. Fair does not mean equal. 

At the Regional and National levels players compete for their position and playing time. There is no guarantee of playing time. The hours of practice fosters each players skill development which is most important. During practice each player will receive equal playing time in drills. 

During Power League tournaments most coaches play to win. While a player may sit on the bench for a match, they usually wouldn't sit for an entire tournament. The coach wants to put the best team on the floor and there are times a player may have an off day. If a player isn't getting as much playing time as she thinks appropriate, she should remember that she is still gaining valuable experience. 

Playing time may be discussed by the player with the coach outside of the tournament day. When discussing playing time, a player should ask what she can do to improve her skills and earn more playing time.

All players on all teams are trained with the same skills and drills. Our goal is to train to the higher level for all players and teams.

Practice times vary by team. Please inquire regarding practice times.

OJVA has exclusive volleyball use of The Courts in Beaverton. The Courts in Beaverton is a excellent 6 court facility providing prime court time to the OJVA teams. At The Courts, there are no late night practice times for U12s or other unreasonable scheduling situations for teams. Volleyball is the priority at The Courts. 

Our practice facility is parent friendly facility. The Courts has WiFi for club parents, lots of table space to work, big-screen TV's to watch nightly sporting events, and The Courtside Cafe to satisfy any hunger (or thirst) you may have during practice in a warm climate controlled environment.

Tournaments and Games
Club volleyball is arranged by age groups and tournaments are held on weekends. Most local tournaments are one-day events held in the Portland/Western Oregon area, and most regional or national tournaments are either two-or three-day events. Each day of a tournament is an all-day affair typically starting about 8:00 am and ending around 6:00 pm with teams playing multiple matches in a day. It is not unusual for OJVA teams in the same age division to be playing at different locations.

Tournament information, including gym location and start times primarily depends upon the respective tournament director. Due to team cancellations, friendship tournament schedules are not set until the week prior. Most directors manage to inform the team coach by the Wednesday immediately preceding the weekend's tournament. Once our club receives tournament information, it is shared with the coaches and then the team. Larger tournaments like Power League tournaments typically have information available on the CEVA website a few weeks prior with updates and revisions given out to coaches at the coaches meeting before the tournament.

Many multi-day tournaments are divided into a morning pool & an afternoon pool. Teams will be seeded into a pool and play at that time for the first two days of pool play. The second day of pool play depends on the results of the first day. The last day of the tournament will be bracket play. Most bracket play is single elimination. If a team loses, they are done playing although they should expect to assist officiating one match and then they are free to leave.

The CEVA Power League Tournament system divides teams into groups of eight. After each Power League tournament, the top two teams move up a division and the bottom two teams move down a division. This system allows teams to play at their level as the season progresses. A typical Power League tournament day starts at 7:15 am when the doors open. Players warm up and get ready for pool play which starts at 8:00 am. Each division is divided into two pools of 4 teams. Each team will play the other three teams in their pool (best 2 out of 3 games). A team will usually have one or two matches they have to referee and at least one match they are off during pool play. Pool play can last until 1:00 or 2:00 pm. Then, based on the morning pool play results, the eight teams are seeded into two brackets (championship & consolation). The afternoon is bracket play. The results of bracket play determine if teams will move up a division (top two teams), stay at the current division (middle four teams) or move down a division (bottom two teams). Bracket play is double elimination. Expect to referee after your last match. Bracket play can last until 6:00 pm if your team is winning. 

Players must bring their complete uniform to all tournaments. This includes all jerseys, extra shirts, spandex, socks, shoes, ankle braces, and knee pads. Anticipate not being able to leave the gym for food. Some locations have concessions but it is best to bring a full day's supply of food & water. Healthy foods & snacks are best. Please note that some tournaments do not allow parents and players to bring outside food into the venue.

Families are responsible for getting players to events. Players and families frequently carpool and share travel duties. Club administrators frequently coordinate arrangements when traveling to weekend tournaments. Most teams will stay in the same hotel and an organized team bonding time (usually a team dinner). 

The backbone of a volleyball club is the experience of the coaches. At OJVA we are dedicated to providing high quality training with a great coaching staff at all levels. OJVA recruits, hires, trains, and retains the most experienced and committed coaches available. A truly talented, knowledgeable and dedicated staff is responsible for the guidance of our athletes. Above all, OJVA coaches make a commitment to serve the academy approach of our organization. 

Oregon Juniors Volleyball Academy is fortunate to have a coaching staff that rivals the staff of any other club on the west coast. Our staff has National Championship experience as both players and coaches. We have former All Americans and professional players including 7 former Division 1 Collegiate Head or Assistant coaches with combined collegiate experience of more than 125 years and over 275 years of Club coaching in the staff.

Many OJVA teams compete at a high level of competition at both Regional and National events. By attending out of state tournaments, OJVA athletes receive exposure to college coaches. Many of our coaches or assistants were collegiate players or are currently playing at a collegiate level. We encourage our athletes to pursue their volleyball interest beyond high school and assist them in outlining the steps necessary throughout the season to achieve those goals. Athletes interested in pursuing volleyball collegiately are able to have physical assessments & scoring, video capabilities and counsel. We also offer returning collegiate OJVA alumnae gym practice time during summer hours and off-season training sessions. 

It is up to you to make sure that your coaches have the necessary experience to coach your child and we believe the coaches at OJVA make your choice an easy one. 

Fees and Costs

Club fees cover:

  • All Friendship events, Local, Regional and National tournaments, Power Leagues and multiple day tournament entry fees
  • All USAV team registration
  • Lodging for 1st travel tournament (overnight stay)
  • Lunch for all multiple day tourneys
  • Facility Rental and Team Supplies
  • 2-3 uniforms (Short and Shirts), practice shirts (2) and sweats that you keep
  • Team training equipment (Balls, Bags, Carts, Ball Machines, Boxes, 1st aid Kits) and medical supplies
  • Coaching salaries, Coaching certification, Missed work days and Air and Local transportation
  • Club administration... Phone, Website, Social Media, Equipt repairs, Printing.........

Club costs are based many factors including CEVA tournament fees, tournament entry fees, equipment costs, uniform costs, and coaches expenses/compensation. We try very hard to hold the line on costs. Additional costs may be incurred during a season if a team decides to attend tournaments that were not included in the original team budget. The 2017/18 budget is prepared with projection and contracts for the upcoming year. The budget is available to all parents. 

OJVA Fees for each team include: 

Initial Deposit 
  • $550 for all 12s teams
  • $550 for all 14's, 16s, and 18s teams

Monthly Dues 
  • 12s - $150 - 5 payments Dec-April: Total $1,250
  • 14s - $275 - 5 payments Dec-April: Total $1,920
  • 16s - $285 - 5 payments Dec-April: Total $1,975

  • 12s - $260 6 payments Dec-May: Total $2,110
  • 14s - $390 6 payments Dec-May: Total $2,890
  • 16s - $390 6 payments Dec-May: Total $2,890
  • 18s - $390 6 payments Dec-May: Total $2,890

  • 12s - $305 6 payments Dec-May: Total $2,320
  • 14s - $475 8 payments Dec-July: Total $4,350
  • 16s - $515 8 payments Dec-July: Total $4,710
  • 17s - $515 8 payments Dec-July: Total $4,710
  • 18s - $490 8 payments Dec-July: Total $4,470

Players and their parents will be responsible for costs not included with their dues payments, namely: travel costs (gas) for local tournaments, food and drink while traveling; lodging for overnight stays in additional to club-sponsored travel tournaments, airfare for National Qualifier tournaments, common items including athletic shoes, socks, ankle supports (optional), and family travel costs. 

Final Thoughts

For additional information regarding CEVA procedures, policies and regulations please click here to review the CEVA handbook. If you are looking for additional information about OJVA please continue to other pages on our website. If you would like to speak with someone from OJVA please contact Steve Suttich, OJVA Club Director, at 503-646-7905 (office) or Marty Mozzochi, OJVA Club Administrator at (360) 601-7988.

Tryout Information

If you do not know which age group your child should tryout for please visit the link below. On page 7 there is an age definition chart. 
CEVA Parent Guide
Registration for OJVA TRYOUTS
2019/2020 OJVA TRYOUT DATES, Official CEVA Dates

12's & 14's- November 3rd, 2019
12's - Nov. 3rd, 9am-11am   
12's Register Here 
14's - Nov. 3rd, 12:30pm-3:30pm
14's Register Here

16's & 18's- November 17th, 2019
16's - Nov 17th, 9:00am-12:00pm
16's Register Here
18's - Nov. 17th, 1:30-3:30pm
18's Register Here

2019 Informational Meetings
For 12/14's (2 optional dates) 
Sunday, October 27th 7:00-8:00pm at The Courts
Register Here
Wednesday, October 30th 6:30-7:30pm at the Courts
Register Here

For 16/18's (2 optional dates)
Sunday, November 10th 6:00-7:00pm at The Courts
Register Here
Wednesday, November 13th 6:30 -7:30pm at the Courts
Meeting has been cancelled

Our 2019 Info Meetings will take place at:
The Courts, 14523 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005