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OJVA Testimonials

"With so many exceptional clubs in the CEVA region, why should I play at OJVA?"

We get this question a lot, and we get it, choosing the right club can be a daunting process!

Of course, we can tell you why we think OJVA is the best club out there, but who better to ask than the parents and players who trained at OJVA? 

From our alumni:

"My favorite part about playing for OJVA was the competitive atmosphere created during POD training and practices, as well as the lifelong friendships I made throughout my nine years with the club."
~ Tess Masingale (student-athlete at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) 

"My favorite part about playing for OJVA was the competitive environment and sense of community that has prepared me to be the athlete I am today. I would not be the hardworking and determined player I am today without the coaches and coaching 12U to 18U at OJVA."
~ Hannah Nguyen (student-athlete at Harvard) 

"My favorite part about playing for OJVA was the strong 'family' feeling in the entire club and the friendships, not only for myself but my parents as well. But the unparalleled training you get at OJVA, the most disciplined techniques to prepare you for the further, is the greatest benefit of being a part of the club."
~ Sophie Scott (student-athlete at Cal Berkeley) 

"OJVA volleyball will always have a special place in my heart; I played at two different clubs before coming to OJ’s my 17's season. The staff creates an environment that builds players to be better people on and off the court. OJVA created an environment that pushed me to be the best volleyball player I could be and played a key role in leading me to where I am today."
~ Maisie Alexander (student-athlete at Notre Dame) 

"My favorite part about playing for OJVA was the competitive environment found at every single practice The POD system at OJVA is amazing and truly allows players to after their goals."
~ Elsa McDermott (student-athlete at University of Pennsylvania) 

"OJVA is a family. A family that will support you through all stages of your life and your volleyball career. It is a group of people that will continue to love and care for you throughout your time in the club but also once you leave."
~ Ali Dreves (student-athlete at Marian University) 

"I absolutley loved playing at OJVA and I have some of my best memories from that time. They created a competitive environment with coaches who truly cared about me and had my back."
~ Ruby Kayser (student-athlete at Colorado State) 

"Playing for OJVA not only prepared me for D1 collegiate volleyball, but it also provided me with life long friendships, mentors, and memories. The formate of practices, the knowledge of the coaches, and the standard that is set will always set OJVA apart from other clubs."
~ Katie Kennedy (student-athlete at Cal State Long Beach)

"My favorite part about OJVA is the people that I’ve become so close to over the years. I still keep in touch with many players from OJVA, and I wouldn’t change those relationships or that experience for anything."
~ Daley McClellan (student-athlete at Oregon) 

"My favorite part about playing at OJVA was the community. Every player and every coach had your back and pushed you to be your best and it made it so enjoyable to play the game."
~ Emily Warmenhoven (student-athlete at Belmont) 

"My favorite part about playing for OJVA is that they push you to your best potential. They focus on the skills that you need to develop to reach the goals that you set for yourself."
~ Sophie Gregoire (student-athlete at Oregon) 

"My favorite part about playing for OJVA is that they push you to your best potential. They focus on the skills that you need to develop to reach the goals that you set for yourself."
~ Tyra Schaub (student-athlete at Gonzaga) 

From a six-year OJVA parent:

"Having two girls play with OJVA for six years, but also having experienced another competitive and well-regarded club in the area, the 'Why OJVA' factors for us include:


gives the girls unique and varied opportunities that deliver benefits on multiple levels: 

- players are intermixed across all teams to move through stations that focus on skill-specific and position training, offered by different coaches that typically have experience in that area. As a result, skills improvement is faster and more obvious

- girls also have the chance to work with different coaches, coaching styles, and approaches

- this leverages coaching skill sets and experience across more than just their own head/assistant coach to further develop/perfect their fundamentals and technique 

- get to know girls from other teams better, develop more friendships (vs always being segregated by the team.)


The focus is not just on athletics and skills improvement, but there is also an emphasis on character development, sportsmanship, and what it means to be a good teammate (for both players and parents!)


Starting in 16s (national teams), practices increase to 3x/week, which is what is needed to be in the top physical condition and be competitive within and especially outside the region/CEVA.


With so many teams and such competitive depth, scrimmaging across teams mimics real match scenarios, giving girls the opportunity to improve their skills by “playing up” against more experienced or older teams, and also work on game strategy, from which both sides benefit."

From a three-year OJVA parent:

"All I can say is, "Why didn't I move my daughter to OJVA earlier in her volleyball career?!" We made the move at 16's and definitely regret not making it sooner. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the experience that my daughter has had at OJVA. Her confidence and abilities have grown so much in the 3 years she has been at OJVA. She loves practicing in the POD system, where she gets to be coached and trained by so many highly qualified coaches. She has gotten to compete at the highest level, winning regionals and the platinum power league. The positive coaching style and emphasis on good sportsmanship for players and parents is the cherry on top!"

From a first-year OJVA parent:

"Our daughter is in her sixth season of club volleyball. This is her first year at OJVA. The POD training has far exceeded anything she has experienced before. She not only gets direction and hands-on instruction from several very knowledgeable coaches but has an example set for her in each drill by older, more polished girls. She is excited about coming and leaving practice every time. The positive instruction has helped her correct her bad habits and helped her grow athletically in her game. She can constantly stop and ask the "why" and get immediate feedback to help with her growth. OJVA has been a very positive change for her." 

From a three-year OJVA parent:

“Training and playing for OJVA has been an amazing experience for our daughter and our family. Top-notch coaches and academy-style practices that are well-run and extremely productive have paid off immensely for our daughter. We are so pleased to have found a club that is professional, successful, effective, and great on all levels. Sports can easily now consume the athlete and family for the entire year, but OJVA has a mindful approach of training and performance balanced with recovery and other aspects of the athlete's life. We love OJVA!”